What are the advantages of resistive touch LCD screens?


The advantage of the resistance touch LCD screen is that its screen and control system are relatively cheap, and the response sensitivity is very good, and whether it is a four-wire resistance touch LCD screen or a five-wire resistance touch LCD screen, they are a kind of work that is completely isolated from the outside world. Environment, not afraid of dust and water vapor, can adapt to various harsh environments

   1. The precision of the resistive touch LCD screen is high, up to the pixel level, and the applicable large resolution can reach 4096x4096.

   2. The screen is not affected by dust, water vapor and oil, and can be used in a lower or higher temperature environment.

   3. The resistive touch LCD screen uses pressure sensitivity, which can be touched with any object, even with gloves, and can be used for handwriting recognition.

   4. Resistive touch LCD screens are relatively cheap due to mature technology and low threshold.

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