Shenzhen FOREMOST Technology Development Co., Ltd.was established in September 2013. The company is committed to the research and development and production of new touch buttons. It has obtained more than 10 national patents. The light-sensitive touch buttons invented have no limit on the number of buttons. Reliable work under water, high temperature, strong electromagnetic, high oil pollution and other environments. After more than three years of research and development and promotion, it has been widely used in household appliances, industrial instruments, smart homes, underwater equipment and other fields. Existing products have been recognized and applied by leading domestic and even world-leading enterprises, and have successfully achieved light Industrialization of touch buttons.

Advantages of light-sensitive touch buttons:

1. Water or oil on the surface does not affect the normal operation of the keys.

2. There is no limit to the key spacing, and the design of dense keys can be carried out.

3. The life span is more than 200,000 hours, which is about 23 years.

4. The anti-electromagnetic interference ability is much better than that of capacitive buttons.

5. Strong adaptability to panel material and simple waterproof technology. Especially in terms of metal panel touch technology, it is currently the world's only mass production solution.

6. The metal panel, the diameter of the touch hole is only 1.2mm, the installation process is simple, and the indirect cost is low.

7. Multi-media touch (hands, gloves, wood, metal, etc.).


FMS-001 /002/003/012L series of light touch buttons are designed for range hoods, water heaters, washing machines, rice cookers, microwave ovens, access control, digital tubes and other products, using natural light, LED light, and infrared light of the human body to cooperate with each other , Complete the touch function. It can work reliably in an environment where the surface is completely immersed, and it can be designed on a metal panel or display digital tube.

Application range:

Metal panel, acrylic panel, film panel, suitable for any material panel.

Mainstream key performance analogy: