Talking about the difference between capacitive touch and infrared touch screen in touch screen


Speaking of touch screens, capacitive touch screens and infrared touch screens have been used in many different types. Do you know what are the working reasons for the two, and what are the differences between capacitive touch screens and infrared touch screens?

The capacitive touch screen is a transparent and relatively stable system. First of all, it must be transparent. Second, the capacitive touch screen can give the absolute coordinates of the touch of our finger. The absolute coordinate system is characterized by the coordinates of each positioning and the last positioning. The coordinates do not matter. The touch screen is physically an independent coordinate positioning system, and the position of each touch is converted to coordinates on the screen.

  The capacitive screen all-in-one machine is more beautiful, more beautiful, lighter and thinner. It is a pure flat surface, easy to achieve waterproof function, and the response speed is more sensitive.

   Infrared touch screen uses the infrared matrix densely distributed in X and Y directions to detect and locate the user's touch. The infrared touch screen is composed of infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements mounted on the outer frame of the touch screen, forming an infrared detection net on the surface of the screen. When a touching object such as a finger enters the grating, the light beam is blocked. The intelligent control system will detect the change in light loss and transmit a signal to the control system to confirm the X-axis and Y-axis coordinate values.

   has grooves, afraid of glare, the machine is thicker and heavier, but the price is relatively low.

  The sensitivity and accuracy of the capacitive screen are better, but the price is slightly more expensive and it cannot be made too large. Infrared touch screen technology is mature, especially for large-size touch all-in-one machines, which are infrared screens of choice and have a long life.

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